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Australian Business Visas

For successful business owners, investors and senior executives who wish to settle in Australia, the Australian Business Visa Program is an encouraging pathway towards conducting your business opportunities in Australia. There are two major avenues for entry into Australia provided for below:

Business Innovation and Investment Visa (subclass 188 & 888)

Under Australian Immigration law, any applicant who enters Australia under the first stream will be required to undergo a 2-stage progression for permanent residence. This process involves holding a Business Skills Provisional visa for a period of 4 years while continuing to satisfy the requirements before an application for Business Skills Residence Visa can be made.

Permanent Resident Business Visas - Australian PR by investment. The second stream of direct permanent residence is only available to applicants who are sponsored by a State or Territory government. This category of visa is referred to as the Business Talent Visa.

Business Skills Program

The business skills program is essentially subdivided into 4 different categories, which are as follows:

Stage 1: Temporary Business Visa

There are 5 eligibility streams for 188 business visa

Stage 2: Permanent Business Visa

Direct permanent residence for business applicants who are sponsored by a State or Territory government.

Business Talent (Subclass 132) Visa

Businessmen are lucky as there are quite a number of visas that are made available to them by the government of Australia. Of course, only legit businessmen can take advantage of these Australian visa and the requirements are quite stringent so qualifying for them can be tough although it can be done especially if the business is established and legit.

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