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Australian Education and Migration Services

AEMS specializes in Australian immigration and education services. With our registered migration agents and consultants who possess more than 25 years' experience in Australian immigration law, we have been offering and continue to offer high quality services from the preliminary assessment stage right through to the final happy settlement.

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18 August 2021

Congratulation Letter

Congratulations to AEMS customers successfully got the Australian visa approval from 25/5/2021 - 17/8/2021.

14 July 2021

WA state nominatetion update seminar

Part 1 整体讲述西澳州担保的变化。

28 June 2021

I ♥ WA

AEMS provides a free mask with “ I ♥ WA “ logo。 Mask used KF94 model. The '94' represents the filtration efficiency, which means how good the mask is at filtering out particles. In this case, that is 94%.