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Global Talent Independent program (GTI)

The government officially launched the Global Talent Visa-Independent Program (GTI) on 4 November 2019. The Hon David Coleman MP announced that the GTI program is designed to provide a streamlined and priority visa pathway for highly skilled and talented individuals to migrate to Australia permanently. The government aims to attract talented individuals from across the world who are the top of their field of industries in so-called “target sectors”.

What is the GTI (Global Talent visa) program?

The Department works with Australian universities, industry bodies, state, and territory government to attract highly skilled and talented individuals. There are Global Talent Officers in major cities such as London, Shanghai, Singapore, Berlin and Washington DC. These officers work with key industries to invite individuals to apply for the GTI program.

The Department is looking for individuals who are skilled in one of the seven target sectors and are able to earn a salary that meets the fair work high-income threshold or be a high a performing recent PhD, Masters or Honours graduate.

Access to the program is via referral from either the Global Talent Officers or by a nominator.

Target sectors

Expected salary threshold

The high-income threshold is adjusted every financial year, and it is the amount set by Fair Work Australia. This year, the threshold is at $153,600.

The Department will assess the applicant’s ability to earn the threshold through:

Benefits of the GTI Program

The benefits of the GTI Program include:

How to apply?

To apply you must:

  1. Apply to receive a unique identifier issued by the Global Talent Officers; and
  2. Secure a nominator; and
  3. If successful with these two steps, apply for the visa.

Highly skilled professionals referred to the Department may be invited to apply for a Distinguished Talent visa (subclass 124 or subclass 858).

Use our Global Talent assessment form:

Unique identifier

A unique identifier will be provided to individuals who meet the program requirements. You will have to submit an expression of interest (EOI) on the Global Talent Contact form. Once submitted, you will receive an acknowledgment that your EOI has been submitted. There is no standard processing time for the EOI. However, it is understood that due to COVID-19, these are currently taking longer than usual.


The applicant will need to have a nominator to nominate them for the program. The nominator must have a national reputation in the same field as the applicant and is either:

Depending on the industry you are in, your nominator could be your university, your employer, your industry body, or your industry peers.

A number of factors may be assessed to determine the nominator’s national reputation. For example, the Department may look at the nominator’s:

2020/21 Financial year

15000 spots have been allocated for the 2020/21 financial year which is 3 times more than the previous financial year.

Visa application

Once you have received the unique identifier, you will be able to lodge your application under the Distinguished Talent Visa (outside Australia). Depending on whether you are located in or outside of Australia, you will have to apply for a different subclass. If you are in Australia, it will be an subclass 858 Distinguished Talent Visa (subject to being onshore with an appropriate visa, some such as a subclass 600 or ETA, are excluded from allowing you to make an onshore application and accessing a bridging visa). If you are outside Australia or holding an inappropriate visa, you will have to lodge a subclass 124 Distinguished Talent Visa.

What is the Distinguished Talent Visa?

The Distinguished Talent Visa is for individuals who are globally recognised for their exceptional achievement in a profession, sport, arts or academia and research. It is a visa that will allow you and your family to live in Australia permanently.

When applying for the visa, the Department will consider:

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